Bringing Performance and Well-Being into Balance

Bringing Performance and Well-Being into Balance
About Conscious Performance
Across every domain of performance, there is a desire to get better, stronger and more efficient. Conscious Performance can provide the tools and support to do that, providing consistency and quality.

We are a group of qualified and experienced practitioners, bringing together academic research, practical experience and a variety of applied skills and approaches. Our aim is to address all areas of performance, well-being and life, so that regardless of your level, sport or background, you can find and sustain the optimal version of yourself.
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Our Services

Sport, Performance, Psychology
Facilitating your best performance by helping you to overcome challenges such as anxiety and injury and foster confidence and increased mental fortitude. Accredited by professional bodies such as the BPS and HCPC, we offer qualified and informed support, backed by research and experience.
Well-Being, Counselling, Therapy
Combining elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and counselling to provide a complete and bespoke support programme to help you feel your best. We also aim to ensure that there is a balance between you as an individual, your well-being and your performance.
Biophilic Design, Well-Being
Integrating the benefits of plants, nature and open spaces for well-being, productivity and performance in all areas of life and business. This can help to encourage positive work environments, better sustainability and increased performance and well-being.
S&C, Personal Training
Personalised plans and guided exercises to help you prepare physically, as well as access to a licensed sport masseuse. This can be adjusted to your time and location restraints, and ensure that you can achieve your physical goals through personalised and informed support.
Female Health
Research has indicated the importance of drawing focus to the individual demands of female health and the impact it can have on performance and well-being. Exploring that using bespoke planning and support through all disciplines, we can support you to continue to achieve.
Female Health
Working in collaboration with Living Well with Kelly, we can create bespoke support packages, to balance well-being and health. In addition, with experience of working with, and being an athlete making weight, we are well-equipped to support you to be healthy and perform your best.
Meet Our Team
Our collective of qualified individuals are here to support you on your journey towards achievement.
Founder & Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist
Biophilic Well-Being Specialist
Well-Being Support
Training & Recovery Coach
Cognitive Neuroscience Consultant
Performance Nutrition and Sports Massage Consultant

How We Work

Quality Assured
We are accredited and qualified with a variety of governing bodies, such as the British Psychological Society and the Royal Society for Public Health to assure our standards, and are fully insured to work directly with individuals, as well as online.
Tailored to You
Integrate as many of our disciplines as suits your needs, to create the perfect package to get the most out of your support programme and address the areas most beneficial to you. That way, it truly is an individual and personal benefit to you.
Bespoke Approach
For performance we can work one to one, with COVID-19 safe measures in place, as well as providing group and educational workshops. For businesses, we can provide fully integrated support services, across well-being, efficiency and others.
Multitude of Benefits
Beyond performing effectively and more consistently, we can help you on an organisational level, supporting positive mental health, encouraging creativity and excellence. This is an essential part of developing culture and can be adjusted to your environment.
"Since working with Chris, I have had such a clearer view of the way I feel and how I can use it to influence my training and performance. His approach to setbacks has matured my ability to view bumps in the road (no matter how big or small) as a chance to learn skills that can't be taught in a training environment. I cannot thank him enough for the time and care he has put in to help me develop into a well-rounded senior athlete."
Yasmin Javadian
Senior British Judo athlete.
"We met Jessica during our mental health awareness week, and we found Jessica to be friendly and extremely professional. We will look forward to seeing Jessica again at our next mental health event!"
Towergate Insurance
"Individuals have positively commented on Christian's mannerism's & general demeanour, both in a group & individual setting, placing them at ease and providing them with the confidence to provide their view & opinion within a sensitive area on occasions within Elite Sport, particularly Rugby League. Athletes have positively commented on how, with Christian's input & support, they have been able to process a range of coping mechanisms within areas such as controlling Anxiety, Imagery & Mental Rehearsal to name a few, which has then allowed them to cope with the holistic demands of Elite Sport."
Huddersfield Giants AASE Programme
Steve Hardisty - Well-Being and Education Program Coordinator
The sport psychology support I have received over the past year has enabled me to continue training and performing at an elite standard to achieve my sporting goals, whilst continuing to study towards my degree. Christian Pszyk, my dedicated sport psychologist, has been committed to supporting me on a 1:1 basis, providing methods of mental practice that further enhance my development in sport performance. Christian has taken the time to understand me as a person, as well as an athlete, allowing the psychology support given to be personalised and adapted to benefit me as much as possible. The guidance I have received through these consultations has been invaluable and I would strongly recommend these services to any athlete.
Ruth Hughes
Wasps Netball & England U21 player
More reviews coming soon!
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