Biophilic Design
Connecting with nature is often referred to as 'biophilia' and essentially implies that as humans, we possess an innate and instinctive urge to connect with other living organisms.
About Biophilic Design
Extensive research studies have shown that adopting nature by immersing yourself within it, or simply having a small houseplant to care for is beneficial, for our mental health and well-being. Our approach draws on research evidence, experiences and anecdotes to offer solutions, developments and tips to re-engage with nature.

As a result, well-being, efficiency and numerous other factors are improved, providing an avenue for organisations, businesses and individuals to improve and provide a better framework for the future.
Biophilic Well-Being Specialist
Bringing together a wealth of experience in different areas, Flo runs our Biophilic Design section, and focuses on the impact it has on well-being and mental health in work places, private homes and training environments.

Having completed a PhD in "Horticulture, hypermasculinity and mental well-being: the connections in a male prison context", Flo is keen to bring those findings into everyday settings and highlight how nature can positively impact on a myriad of situations.
Our Approach
Explore the different areas of Biophilic Design, and how it can be embedded into your life.
Interior Space Design
One of the central features of biophilic design, we specialise in creating unique spaces that foster positive mental well-being as well as increasing productivity and happiness. This can be combined with specific aims to best suit your needs.
Well-Being Workshops
Priding ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience, we aim to provide the necessary tools and education to enable individuals to foster their own progress and impact you on a large scale as well as featuring bespoke adaptations.
Private Consultancy
Working with individuals across a variety of domains, we can provide personalised solutions to home offices, gyms, and other sections to ensure that well-being and biophilia are brought together in harmony to support you.
Employee Support Programmes
Colloborating with our Performance Psychology and Well-Being sections, we aim to increase performance in business sectors through support aimed at well-being. This is achieved through workshops, personalised support and re-development of working spaces.
Linking with our work with Ecologi and other carbon offsetting and sustainability programmes, we can advise on the best ways to approach sustainability in the workplace and across different domains.
Online Resources
Using a variety of platforms, we can supply bespoke and general resources to support well-being, detail more information around biophilia and how you can integrate it, as well as simple how-to guides.
3 reasons to choose Conscious Performance
We strive to put you and your needs at the centre of everything we do.
Backed by Research
Guided by a diverse and expansive field of research into the positive effects of biophilic design, we have used this information as the foundation of our interventions to ensure that efficiency, mental health and happiness are all positively impacted.
Sustainable for the Planet and you
Through our carbon offsetting work with Ecologi and our aim of being sustainable as a company and a support system, we aim to provide affordable and ecofriendly opportunities for development.
Bespoke Approach and Solutions
Our company works according to the principles of individual and personalised solutions, ensuring that it is tailored to your needs, and is the most suitable approach.
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