Nutrition & Training
Blending elements of nutrition, strength training and recovery to support the best you.
About Nutrition & Training
Our health and well-being is driven largely by our food habits, exercise routines and how we look after ourselves. Having experience of competing in and working with elite sports, we blend knowledge and understanding into our approach of supporting a healthy and happy individual. Delving into weight management for competition, healthy eating and lifestyle changes as well as massage and recovery work, we can cater to a myriad of different goals, and will put your needs at the centre of all that we do.
Our team
Kelly Staddon
Massage Therapist & Nutrition Specialist
Partnering with Living Well with Kelly, we are able to bring together a wealth of experience and knowledge. Certified by the Royal Society of Public Health for nutrition, weight management and sports nutrition, Kelly is also a licensed sports masseuse and fitness coach. Having competed professionally for GB Judo, Kelly has experienced the impact these areas can have on athletes first hand, and has brought that expertise into her approach, focusing on education, and forming a healthy relationship with food coupled with a strong mindset.
Kieran Byrne
Training Specialist
Kieran brings together a vast variety of experience and knowledge, being an accredited instructor with GB Archery, National Smallbore Firearms Association and Nordic Walking as well as being a qualified lifeguard and First Aider. In addition, Kieran is a Level 2 Personal Trainer, awaiting the completion of his Level 3 certification upon a return to work post COVID-19 restrictions.
Our Approach
Explore the different areas of Nutrition & Training, and how it can be embedded into your life.
Fitness Coaching
With a focus on improving health and well-being we offer group, individual and team sessions and cater to all levels and specifications with the aim of building your own fitness regime and support your progress towards your goals.
Educational Workshops
Priding ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience, we aim to provide the necessary tools and education to enable individuals to foster their own progress and impact you in the long term, as well as providing immediate benefits.
Nutrition Consultancy
Working with individuals across a variety of domains, we provide bespoke nutritional support for individuals, athletes and organisations, catering to your specific needs and requirements to improve your health, performance and well-being.
Massage & Recovery
Offering Swedish, Sports, Aromatherapy and Deep Tissue massage, they are a great way to reduce stress, manage injury and improve sleep, as well as increase energy, concentration and reduce fatigue.
Online Resources
Using a variety of platforms, we can supply bespoke and general resources to support well-being, detail more information around biophilia and how you can integrate it, as well as simple how-to guides.
3 reasons to choose Conscious Performance
We strive to put you and your needs at the centre of everything we do.
Backed by Research
Guided by a diverse and expansive field of research into the positive effects of biophilic design, we have used this information as the foundation of our interventions to ensure that efficiency, mental health and happiness are all positively impacted.
Unique Blend of Expertise
Featuring a former professional GB judoka, we provide qualified nutrition, training and massage therapy services, bringing together a variety of applied and experienced know-how.
Bespoke Approach and Solutions
Our company works according to the principles of individual and personalised solutions, ensuring that it is tailored to your needs, and is the most suitable approach.
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