Well-Being Support
Providing support across various domains to help you feel physically, emotionally and mentally well.
About Well-Being
With an aim of supporting positive mental health across business, performance and life, we strive to integrate these aspects into all areas of our work.

Combining elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and counselling to provide a complete and bespoke support programme to help you feel your best, we also aim to ensure that there is a balance between you as an individual, your well-being and your happiness in life.
Jessica Ward
Well-Being Support
Jess brings together an unique blend of academic and applied experience, having completed a BSc in Psychology as well as a MSc in Health and Clinical Psychology, before going on to work with the NHS.

This variety of knowledge and exposure has enabled her to bring together a mixture of therapeutic approaches, with the aim of supporting individuals and groups to be happier and promote positive mental health in work places as well as at home.
Our Approach
Explore the different areas of Well-Being Support, and how it can be embedded into your life.
One-to-One Therapy Sessions
WIth a focus on education and development, we provide skills and techniques to manage stress and anxiety of various situations.. Drawing on elements from mindfulness, CBT and more, these will provide a basis for sustained psychological well-being and positive mental health.
Well-Being Workshops
Priding ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience, we aim to provide the necessary tools and education to enable individuals to foster their own well-being and provide coping mechanisms to manage daily stresses and thrive in these environments.
Employee Support Programmes
Colloborating with our Biophilic Design and Performance Psychology sections, we aim to increase performance in business sectors through support aimed at well-being. This is achieved through workshops, personalised support and re-development of working spaces..
Online Resources
Using a variety of platforms, we can supply bespoke and general resources to support well-being, prepare for competition, develop psychological skills and further expand upon your development and support systems.
3 reasons to choose Conscious Performance
We strive to put you and your needs at the centre of everything we do.
Backed by Research
Guided by a diverse and expansive field of research into the positive effects of biophilic design, we have used this information as the foundation of our interventions to ensure that efficiency, mental health and happiness are all positively impacted.
Unique Blend of Knowledge
Bringing together elements from psychological well-being as well as Sport and Performance Psychology and Biophilic Design, we create encompassing interventions that will have a lasting impact.
Bespoke and Confidential Approach
Our company works according to the principles of individual and personalised solutions, ensuring that it is tailored to your needs, and is not shared without your full and comprehensive permission.
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